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Study Abroad


Monday, November 29, 2021 & Tuesday, November 30, 2021

5:30 – 6:30 pm 

Room: THEA 113


We start with a week of on-line classes in the US, followed by three weeks of study in London and Stratford-upon Avon, England. Students attend classes at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in Stratford, and at Shakespeare’s London Globe in London. We see up to 15 shows during our three weeks in England - many with actors you know from film and TV. Included are several Shakespeare productions in a range of styles, from perfectly recreated Elizabethan drama to a Macbeth set in post-apocalyptic Serbia. Museum experiences include seeing the Rosetta Stone, the Cat Mummies and the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum and all of the latest contemporary art at the Tate Modern Museum.


borough market
Borough Market – located a short walk from our London residence hall.

What You Will Learn

This course centers around William Shakespeare’s plays, examined from two different approaches to producing them at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and Shakespeare’s Globe.  We have classes on the historical context of the RSC repertory as well as talk backs with major actors in the productions we see. At the Globe, we take acting, voice, text, movement and historical dance classes.  Students are assigned scenes which are rehearsed and performed in the Globe facilities. We also visit museums, art galleries, outdoor markets and cultural sites in London.

Throughout the program, students will keep journals of their experience, critiquing the plays we see, analyzing the production approaches, and recording personal discoveries and challenges encountered in our performance classes. This becomes a valuable record of your experience abroad.

Typical Activities Include:

  • A group discussion of a production seen the night before.
  • A Q&A session with an actor in that production. (Iago, Portia, Mercutio,)
  • Performance classes in acting, movement, voice and text.
  • Excursions to museums and historical sites.
  • Mealtime is free time. Students can explore the area and taste the cuisine before rejoining the group for an evening performance.
five students gathered on the steps in oxford

Locations & Facilities

Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, is nestled into Warwickshire’s rural countryside, on the banks of the river Avon. One of the most important tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, Stratford is home to the Royal Shakespeare Company. We stay in charming bed and breakfast facilities in Stratford Upon Avon.

London offers so many cuisines and shops it will be hard to choose in one of the world's most multi-cultural city. Vibrant and bustling, the city has amazing attractions including outdoor markets, museums, art galleries, concerts, shopping centers and (of course) theatre. Landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey are known as much for their history as their architecture. We will be visiting many of these attractions through scheduled program activities, but there will also be plenty of free time for students to learn and see more on their own.  Our rooms are at the London School of Economics Bankside House which is close to just about everything!


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Program Criteria

The program is offered for both graduate and undergraduate credit. Participants must complete a department application form and interview/audition with the program director to determine the appropriateness for handling the academic and performance portions of the course. Once accepted, participants must also complete the required study abroad online application and be formally accepted by the Study Abroad Office.

Study abroad group 2019, in front of westminster abbey

2022 Program Dates:

  • May 31 - June 9 On-line classes
  • June 11 Depart from US (overnight flight to London)
  • June 12 Coach to Stratford Upon Avon; Walking Tour
  • June 13 - June 17 Classes at the Birthplace Trust; Performances at the RSC
  • June 18 Coach to London; Walking Tour
  • June 19 - June 30 Classes and Performances at Globe
  • July 1 - Final performances/exam
  • July 2 - Depart London's Bankside House; continue travelling abroad or return home

TXST Courses – Students must register for BOTH (6 credit hours total)

  • TH 4323 Shakespeare Through Performance (Graduate level TH 5323)

  • TH 4324 Shakespeare: Text and Context (Graduate level TH 5324)

Shakespeare in Performance (TH4323/TH5323) will expose students to different approaches to the performance of Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare Through Performance will focus on contemporary performance practices while Shakespeare: Text and Context (TH4324/TH5324) will provide a historical and cultural background to the plays and the performances. In addition, we will examine textual implications of Shakespeare’s source materials and analyze his texts for language characteristics.

Application and More Information Interested students should please email Chuck Ney ( to be added to the program’s Canvas site for complete details including estimated program fees, sample itinerary, and application material.

Shakespeare in England classes that can count for credit towards a student's degree:

TH 3320  Theatre History I  

TH 3321  Theatre History II

TH 3347 Theory and Analysis

Depending on Degree

TH 3365 Acting Styles  (NOT available for Acting BFA Emphasis)

There are other courses that might work as well. Talk to your advisor and program head.  You can also talk to the Program Director.

Meet the Faculty

Chuck Ney, APD, is a director/actor with a career working on Shakespeare performance. He teaches the BFA Shakespeare class and the MFA Directing Shakespeare class every fall. He has directed productions at Shakespeare theatres across the US and given international talks on his performance research. He's published two books in his series Directing Shakespeare in America.

"My favorite thing is introducing students to Shakespeare in England. They often remark how the quality surpasses anything they’ve seen before. Students realize Shakespeare techniques can give them the skills to conquer ANY material.”

Kate Glasheen-Dentino, is an actor and voice, speech, and dialect coach as well additional faculty for this program. She's served as text coach for many Shakespeare productions and teaches a class on analyzing, embodying, and acting heightened language every fall.

"I love both traditional Shakespeare productions and those with a modern twist. Having earned my MFA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, returning to London is like coming home. My favorite thing is to help students navigate a new country and new life experiences that will further enrich them as artists."