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Misti Galvan

Misti Galvan dance photo

Misti Galvan is a movement artist and educator living in the Austin/San Antonio area. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in choreography through Wilson College, and holds a BFA in Dance & BA in English from Texas State University.

Her classical background includes Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and Tap dance with influences from the New York and Chicago regions. Her current research interests are focused on ecological and environmental concerns emerging through somatic awareness, improvisation, site-specific dance making, and interdisciplinary collaboration. She is also a certified yoga teacher responsible for implementing a Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Program in the TXST Dance Division.

Passionate about arts education and integration, as well as holistic strategies for learning, Misti has been instrumental in creating, developing, and collaborating with several projects in the San Marcos community. She developed and teaches a workshop entitled: Learning Through Movement for teachers and soon to be educators. This workshop focuses on incorporating movement in the classroom to aid teachers and support academic curriculum and concepts. This educational effort is part of Misti’s working relationship with Creation in Motion (CIM) and its mission to expand dance education. She was invited by CIM to travel to Trinidad in October 2017 to continue this project as global outreach.

More recently, Misti has been heading A Bailar!, a free dance program at the San Marcos Public Library, funded by a local grant and envisioned by Ana Baer. Along with this, Ana and Misti are co-creating a project called Wellness Dance, an intergenerational research program designed for the elderly community and college students to relate and dance together, set to start in September 2019.

Prior to her work in Texas, Misti was the Artistic Director of Ardmore Contemporary Dance Company, a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing professional dance in Southern Oklahoma through performances, outreach projects, educational residencies, and community work. ACD was awarded a Community Arts Program Grant and an Arts in Alternative Education Grant by the Oklahoma Arts Council.