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Bobcat Dance Theatre

So, what is Bobcat Dance Theatre?

Group Dancers Outisde

Bobcat Dance Theatre is an inclusive company, open to all majors, that uses a heavy theatrical influence to bring original stories to life on the stage, on camera, in the studio, etc. The company offers an all-encompassing, wide range of arts and styles of dance. Bobcat Dance Theatre also provides open workshops to workshop choreography and experiment with ideas. Bobcat Dance Theatre is a communal organization that supports collaboration in the arts but is not directly affiliated with any other organization or program.

How Can I Be a Part of BDT?

Membership in the company is awarded through completion and selection during the audition process. Any current student at Texas State of any major is eligible to audition for membership in Bobcat Dance Theatre.

Admittance into the company will be awarded based on selection by the officers and executive board of the company alone. This selection process is based on these factors:

  • Dance ability – display of dance technique.

  • Theatrical presence – ability to portray a believable character and to tell a story.

  • Availability and schedule conflicts – the availability of the performer to attend all rehearsals and performances required.

  • Commitment – the display of passion and the interest to be a part of the company and to support and further our mission.

​*Bobcat Dance Theatre is a nondiscriminatory organization and will never base membership or admittance on anything else.

​Members must be able to attend all required rehearsals, performances, special events, fund raising sessions, publicity opportunities, and any other required events.

Are There Any Leadership Opportunities?

Our board of officers, the Dance Captains, are selected based upon the same factors as company members with additional qualifications and possess additional responsibilities. The selection process can include a combination of:

  • Applications and written materials

  •  Interviews

  • Auditions

  • Practice screenings

​*This is not an all-inclusive list, as the Executive Artistic Director(s) and Advisor(s) will make all final judgments.

When Do We Meet?

Meetings are held every Friday and Sunday from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM of the academic year - with exceptions during Holidays, department events, cancelations, and modifications. Additional meetings will be required for performances, special events, filming, publicity and marketing opportunities, and more. Meetings can

be added, canceled, or changed at any time, and it is the company members responsibility keep up with all schedule changes and keep open communication. The executive board will govern which meetings are required

for each member of the company. Standard meetings could be:

  • Workshops

  •  Auditions

  • Rehearsals

  • Filming or Shooting

​*This is not an all-inclusive list and there can be modifications made at any time.

What Do I Pay?

Dues will be paid by each active company member each semester in the amount deemed appropriate by the company board. The finances of the organization are subject to control by the board.

Check out our full website! Bobcat Dance Theatre