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Creation in Motion: Touring Ensemble for Young Audiences

creation in motion
Creation in Motion Touring Ensemble for Young Audiences or CIM TEYA (pronounced "SIM-TAY-YUH) is a performance ensemble made up of TXST dance majors and directed by Associate Professor Kaysie Seitz Brown. Our mission is to instill an appreciation and excitement for the art of dance in young viewers, while also exposing them to important academic and social & emotional concepts. We are committed to creating engaging, rigorously crafted danceworks to create an interactive touring performance that visits elementary schools throughout central Texas and beyond. Since our formation in 2011, we have toured to approximately 15 schools, impacting over 5,000 children in the Central Texas vicinity in addition to Trinidad & Tobago, and have been asked to return to perform at several of these schools.
Additionally, CIM TEYA has been invited to perform selected works at a variety of venues, including international, regional and national festivals, conferences, and productions such as: COCO Dance Festival in Trinidad & Tobago, Counter-Life Herstories Conference, TEDX, Austin Dance Fest, the TAHPERD (Texas Association of Health Physical Education Recreation & Dance) annual production of Kaleidoscope, and Texas Wild Rice Festival to name a few.
CIM TEYA is one part of an arts-in-education multifaceted outreach program, Creation in Motion. For more information on Creation in Motion, click here. 

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Meet the Company

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Lexie Havelka

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Artistic Director

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Kaysie S. Brown is the founder and Artistic Director of CIM TEYA. Any questions or interest regarding collaborations or residencies are welcomed!