ZACH Theatre

ZACH Theatre
Image courtesy of ZACH website

A regionally-renowned theatre and the center of the Austin performing arts scene, ZACH is an impressive professional credit for any student to boast on their resume. As part of a dual-effort to supplement students' artistic education and introduce the next generation of talented creators to the world of professoinal theatre, ZACH is making an effort to offer internships to Texas State students in a variety of administrative and/or artistic roles. Previous students to participate in this opportunity include Insha Iqbal, assistant director to Dave Steakley on The Sound of Music.

The Penfold Theatre

Ground Floor Theatre at Penfold
Image courtesy of Penfold website

The Penfold Theatre, an innovative, modern theatre whose motto is to "[give] audiences fresh eyes to see old stories", is the sponsor of several exciting student internship opportunities. The Austin-based theatre has formed a partnership with our Department, offering a select few students the opportunity to work alongside their directors, designers, and administrative team.