Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Film Production

Make It Happen.

Prospective Film Concentration candidates must take Film Production Practices & Filmmakers History of Film before applying.

Our Program

Our program aims to educate the complete filmmaker, who is a focused, hard-working graduate who has a deep understanding of the entire machinery that goes into the making of a film. That "film" might encompass the entire breadth of formal media production from a short film, documentary, commercial, TV show or web series to a full-length feature film. Regardless of form, the graduate will know how to go about the writing, planning, financing, execution, and distribution of that cultural product.

Film at TXST

We stress values such as hard work, perseverance, organization, diversity, and multiplicity. Make it happen.

Film at TXST


The Film Production Concentration is unique in that we are able to draw on a plethora of adjacent skill-sets in the theatre world. This commingling of disciplines broadens our student’s understanding of the shared principles that guide performance, technical production and team management in both Theatre and Film.

Another unique advantage to our program is that the student filmmaker will have the opportunity to make a film in their first year in the program and will be offered that opportunity again several times throughout their studies. One of our dictums at the Texas State program is that you have to "make it happen." You will make films at Texas State.