Acting Audition Information

How to Apply

DEADLINE: December 1, 2023

STEP ONE: Apply to the university through Undergraduate Admissions. Declare your major as “Pre-Theatre.”

Cast members of Mr Burns at TXST

We recommend that you apply to the Acting Program within a week of submitting your application to the university. You must have completed your application to the university BEFORE we can schedule a callback.

We request you also apply to the Honors College upon acceptance into the university if you meet the following criteria:

  • Top 10 percent of your high school graduating class, or
  • A composite score of 27 on the ACT, or
  • A composite score of 1270 or higher on SAT (math and critical reading scores added). Visit the Honor's College for more information.

STEP TWO: Apply to the Acting Program

Cast members of The Importance of Being Earnest at TXST

All materials and applications will be submitted through GetAcceptd. Begin your application process at GetAcceptd.

Application Requirements

  • Application
  • Application fee
  • Headshot and resume
  • Desired callback date and location
  • Prescreen videos (see below)
  • Written personal introduction*
  • Two letters of recommendation

Please note - Letters you send to Undergraduate Admissions are not shared with us.

Step 1: Apply to the university

STEP TWO: Apply to the Program

Prescreen Audition Information

Program Application Deadline- December 1, 2023 (for consideration for Fall 2024 Admission)

OVERALL: Each piece should be filmed/uploaded as a separate piece of media. No continuous videos. Students are encouraged to use standard technology/recording devices that are available to them (i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc).

  • There should NOT be a separate introduction or “slate” video. Instead, “slates” are to appear at the beginning of each piece and included as part of the time allotment.

    The proper slate for a monologue is to share your name, the title of the play, and the playwright. 

    • 2 contemporary monologues (written after 1900)
    • Each monologue file should be 60-90 seconds in length (this time limit includes the slate at the beginning of the piece and is strictly adhered to; please do not upload media files longer than 90 seconds) 

    Please label files as (ex.

    Your monologues should run a TOTAL time of THREE MINUTES, not including your slate. Upload them separately on GetAcceptd - please do not submit your pieces as one video. 

    • ​​Choose age-appropriate material whenever possible.  
    • Use your space. Don’t be a “talking head”, but exist in a 3-dimensional world. 
    • Be creative: We love writing from all mediums and look forward to your creative choices. Our actor training embraces all media platforms - YouTube, television, film, theatre, podcasts, etc. We give you permission to bring all your personal creativity to this audition. Our program reflects this philosophy. 

    If possible, for this audition, we request that you do not perform pieces by: Gabriel Davis, Don Zolidis, Kellie Powell, or Wade Bradford, and that you avoid any monologue that is not a piece of a larger whole, such as a play, a screenplay, a novel, or a TV script. Beyond that, we encourage you to make bold choices and bring what speaks to you the most.  


    • Don’t watch yourself while you audition, and don’t practice your monologue in a mirror. 
    • If you have to rush your monologue in order to get it under the time limit, then you haven’t cut it enough. Avoid rushing and performing on autopilot; breath and rhythm are your friends. 
    • If you’re not having fun, it’s not a strong audition! Make sure you choose pieces you love and that you enjoy diving into.  
    • Submissions should be no more than 60 seconds. 
    • Applicants do not need to slate in any wild card media. 
    • This media can be ANYTHING you want - a special skill, an interesting story about yourself, a passionate speech, an instrument you play, etc. “What do you want us to know about you?” and “What makes you unique?” 

    This should not be a third monologue. 

    Please label files as Talent/Story/ (ex.

  • Our written introduction gives us the opportunity to get to know you, but it also is an opportunity to see if you take direction and actually answer the questions asked (you’d be surprised how many people don’t.) So much of what we do as artists is in the details, and the care with which you approach the requirements of this essay is essential to your success. We put a great deal of weight on the written introduction. In fact, it is the first thing we look at in an applicant’s profile. Please adhere to the requirements for the essay and answer all the questions listed below:

    Requirements for Essay

    • Your name must appear in the upper right corner of every page
    • Line spacing must be double-spaced
    • Margins need to be the “normal” setting of one inch (1”) at the top, bottom, left, and right
    • Indent the first line of each paragraph
    • All pages must be numbered
    • Essay length is 1,000 words or less
    • Font: Times New Roman, size 14
    • File submitted must be a PDF

    Questions to Answer

    • What do you feel is special and unique about you?
    • What do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are as a person and as an artist?
    • What are your other interests and hobbies not related to theatre?
    • What are your artistic interests outside of performing in musicals? (Writing, directing, composing music, plays, film, TV, etc.)

    Helpful Hints:

    • Be honest.
    • Don't feel you need to impress us or, conversely, be overly humble.
    • Don't waste time trying to figure out what you think we want to hear.
    • We are looking for 12 to 14 unique artists for the BFA Acting Program who know themselves and will benefit the most from what our program has to offer.
  • You are required to provide two letters of recommendation. Your recommenders may upload this documentation via Acceptd or have these materials sent directly to the Department of Theatre and Dance at the following email address: Your first and last name must be included in the subject line of the email. Please do not send recommendation letters to 

Callback or rejection notifications will be made between December 2 - December 25, 2023. 

Please note: Do not reply to the GetAcceptd email notification, you must log in to your account to reply. 

You are required to apply to the university in addition to the program you are interested in (Musical Theatre or Acting). Both applications should be submitted at the same time. Before you can schedule and attend a callback your university application must be submitted. 

When applying to the university please declare your major as Pre-Theatre. This should be your declared major if applying to any of the undergraduate degree programs within the Department of Theatre and Dance. A specific designation of Acting or Musical Theatre is automatically applied after offers are made and accepted. 


2023-2024 Callback Information

All applications for the program must be submitted by December 1, 2023, for consideration for Fall 2024 admission.