Transient Dance Collective

students laying on floor in front of a wall covered in splatters of colorful paint.

Transient Dance Collective is a student organization at Texas State University comprised of students in the Division of Dance. The organization is inclusive with no audition, open to all Texas State students regardless of their major or skill set. Transient also collaborates with students at the university who wish to expand their portfolio, experiences and knowledge of the improvisational arts. Through Transient's focus on improvisation, students discover their artistic freedom and expression; unbound by limitations and open to all ideas and philosophies.

Transient Dance Collective performs site specific performances throughout San Marcos and the surrounding central Texas area, and participates in the annual Texas Dance Improvisation Festival (TDIF) hosted by premiere universities.

Transient Dance Collective was founded by Leah Smit, Shannon McMullan, Eileene Vicencio, Mariana Rosas and Alynna Aleman in January of 2014 thanks to the support and encouragement of the faculty in the Division of Dance at Texas State University. A special thanks to professor and mentor, Patricia Stone, who provides wisdom and advice to the organization as faculty advisor.

students dressed in blue dancing in Sewell Park