Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

Your Future. Your Dreams. Our Mission.

Applications open: August 1, 2023
Deadline for Fall 2024: November 19, 2023

Our Program

Our goal is to provide holistic, wellness-based, customized training in musical theatre performance to prepare students for the current professional market and develop artists who live with integrity in all aspects of their lives. The curriculum has a cutting-edge, innovative approach that was designed by industry professionals to support artists who will define the future of the art form.

Cast of Pippin at Texas State University

Our Past & Future

Texas State Musical Theatre class of 2023
Texas State University’s musical theatre program turns out triple-threat career-bound performers…who deliver Broadway-quality work.
Frank Benge

This innovative pre-professional training program is exclusively run by industry professionals with a commitment to work-life balance.

Our Commitment

Our mission as a community of artists: to combat and dismantle racism, sexism, and heteronormative cisgender dominance in theater and in theater training. Formalizing our goals in our syllabi, our classrooms, and our stages to breakdown and disrupt traditional theater training hierarchies; to hold space in creative collaboration in our classrooms and rehearsal spaces promoting and utilizing Antiracist Pedagogy and Culturally Responsive Teaching Methods.

We are Bobcats and that means in part; being willing to be vulnerable and sitting with the discomfort that comes with taking on the hard conversations and doing the essential work of functioning as a community with a dedication to equitable anti-racist representation, and actively pursuing purposeful inclusion of marginalized groups and their contributions to the canon of theatre.

*Culturally Responsive Teaching is a pedagogy that recognizes the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning;  is justice-oriented and reflects the social context were in now.

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