Application Information

Application Currently Closed

Applications will reopen in late April for Fall 2024

The Application Process

The application process for the Film Concentration typically takes place in April/May.

Students may apply to the Film Program after their first year at Texas State.

Prospective Film Concentration candidates must take Film Production Practices & Filmmakers History of Film before applying.

Admission to the concentration will be based on the following criteria.

  1. Application form
  2. Overall GPA of 2.50
  3. "B" or better in Film Production Practices & Filmmakers History of Film. 
  4. A portfolio of two original video works created by the applicant. You may include works created in Film Production Practices but any original work will count.

Applicant Portfolio Rubric

Film Applicant Portfolio Rubric - Texas State Film Concentration
POINTS (1-4)Creativity & OriginalityStorytelling SkillsMastery of TechniqueQuality ControlSUB TOTAL (max 4 per category)
4Strikingly original with creative use of technique and a strong voiceUtilization of every story element. Beginning, Middle, End, Character & ConflictDemonstrates mastery of technique across camera, sound and editingNo errors in camera, sound or editing
3Strong voice that leans on standard approach to technique.Use of several elements but incompleteDemonstrates excellent technique in at least one category of camera, sound and editing.One or two obvious errors in camera, sound or editing
2Creative use of technique with little or no original voice.Use of at least one story element.Demonstrates competent technique in at least one category of camera, sound and editing.More than five errors
1Cliche use of image and sound. Derivative.No element of story. Beginning, Middle, End, Character, ConflictVery little demonstration of good techniqueConsistent errors made throughout work
TOTAL (4-16)=
- MINIMUM of 8 points for admission -12 Points guarantees admittance provided that other requirements are met.