The Department is a member of the University Resident Theatre Association URTA, and recruit at the “urta’s” annually.  Founded in 1969, the University Resident Theatre Association works to ensure the continued renewal of the American theatre by supporting excellence in the professional training of new artists.  URTA continues to develop programs and services that answer the needs of university theatres, training programs, and individual artists. Whether it’s articulating the highest standards for professional training, helping to match potential students with the MFA program best suited to their needs, facilitating engagement of professional artists at universities, or expanding the scope of our education and career outreach programs, URTA is setting the stage for emerging theatre artists, and professional advancement.



The MFA programs were created in conjunction with the establishment of a formal relationship with ZACH theatre, Texas’ longest continuously running theatre company and recent LORT member.  Each season, designers and directors assist professionals in their field throughout the production process.  Specific experiences vary based on the unique nature of the production and personalities involved.  In addition to our relationship with ZACH, students in the program also benefit from quest artists in residence and additional professional internships.