Master of Fine Arts in Theatre, Directing

About the Program

The graduate program allows directors with a singular voice and vision to hone their craft and grow into strong, yet collaborative, artists. Our directors can engage with works from the theatrical canon with sophistication and depth, as well as shepherd vibrant new works to fruition. We invite artists with curiosity, integrity and generosity to join us in continually reimagining what theatre can be and who it can reach.

Cast members of Father Comes Home at TXST

Financial Support

Most students receive graduate teaching assistantships to help cover students’ tuition costs, but loans and scholarships will be necessary for many students.
Cast members of Seussical at TXST


The core curriculum of the program, the Directing Studio and Directing Seminar, allows directors to sharpen their craft and think about issues facing the field in depth each semester. Meanwhile, MFA Core classes taken alongside the MFA Design cohort offer graduate directors a variety of perspectives and skills as they deepen their practice. Studio classes focus on the director/actor relationship, covering distinct genres and approaches such as Realism, Absurdism/Non-realism, 21st century plays, Devising, Shakespeare, and Styles. Seminars focus on conceptual work, as well as emerging practices such as anti-racist approaches to theatre making and theatrical intimacy training. The MFA Core includes Text Analysis, Fundamentals of Design, History of Material Culture, Collaborative Theory, Artist Brand Development, and Devising.

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