The Theatre Center and bridge with students walking and talking at Texas State University.

The Theatre Center

The Theatre Center houses the Department of Theatre and Dance. Located at 430 Moon St., it houses several flexible classrooms, two lecture/recital teaching theatres, the PSH Foundation Studio Theatre, costume shop, scene shop, and the Mainstage Theatre.

The building’s dedication ceremony on October 30, 1971 unveiled a five-hundred seat theater and a studio theater, as well as numerous classrooms, offices, lecture halls, a voice and diction laboratory, various shops and workspaces, a television studio, and other professional-grade teaching and performing assets.

  • Features

    • The Mainstage Theatre is a modified proscenium stage with a seating capacity of up to 350.

    • The Studio Theatre is a black box theatre with a seating capacity of up to 140.


      • Dance Studio
      • Lab Theatre
      • Costume Shop
      • Computer Lab
      • Design Studio

The Performing Arts Center

The largest and grandest of our performance spaces, the Performing Arts Center at Texas State University houses a 400-seat theatre, 300-seat recital hall, rehearsal space, staging areas and classrooms.

Sitting at the intersection of University Drive and Moon Street, the building serves as the new front door to the campus. Designed by the architectural firm of Morris Architects, the 69,122-square-foot facility features two professional-quality performance venues, boasting spaces of as fine quality as the work our students do here.

With instructional, design, and production spaces, the Performing Arts Center is well equipped to meet the educational and artistic needs of our academic units while also serving as the artistic heart of the broader San Marcos community.

The space officially opened in Feb. 2014.

A view of the performing arts center at twilight from the Theatre Center.
  • Features

      • Dressing rooms for the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre
      • Classroom instructions for make-up design
      • Capacity for 20 persons each
      • Lighted mirrors
      • Dressing rooms for Recital Hall
      • Capacity for 12 persons each
      • Lighted mirrors
      • Scene Shop & Paint Shop
      • Genie GR-20 & Genie AWP-365
      • Miller 140 MIG Welder, Plasma Cutter, Welding Station & Screen
      • 326 Additional items including power tools, hand tools and equipment 
      • Wardrobe & Laundry Room
      • 4 Sewing Machines & Tables with inserts
      • 4 Ironing table & 2 Gravity Feed Irons
      • 2 Stacked Washing Machines & Dryers
      • 15 Z-racks, 2 Rolling Carts, Stress Mat Roll & Rolling Ladder
      • Acting Classroom
      • Movable seating for 35 students
      • Mirrored wall
      • Basic track lighting
      • MFA Design Studio
      • Drafting tables for 27 students
      • "Smart" classroom technology
      • Dance flooring & two mirrored walls
      • Basic track lighting & ballet bars
      • Movable seating & music stands for 35 students
      • Classroom space with "Smart" technology
      • Daily & upcoming production rehearsal space

      Innovative lighting technology providing new educational and creative opportunities for students, faculty and staff of the College of Fine Arts and Communication. State of the art lighting instruments included LED and automated fixtures making the theatrical lighting capabilities of Texas State University competitive with nationally recognized institutions.

    • An LED automated lighting fixture that surpasses what has previously been possible in brightness, efficiency and compactness of comparable fixtures.

    • A seven color LED fixture that provides a bright even, beam of bold and precise hues.

    • A wash light that pairs the brightest LED emitters with the most vibrant color range. No other LED on the market can produce such balanced natural light.

Jowers Center

Jowers Center at Texas State University

Jowers Center, located next to the beautiful Sewell Park, is primarily a rehearsal and instructional space. Outfitted with an abundance of dance classrooms and  open gymnasium facilities, students are afforded the environment they need to learn and grow. Jowers Center also functions as an early rehearsal space for theatrical productions and meeting location for several organizations, including the fencing club.

Live Oak Hall

The new Live Oak Hall provides much needed space for students pursuing a major in theatre with a concentration in film production. It also provides a significant gain in dedicated teaching lab spaces, featuring a film soundstage, TV studio, recording mix classroom, editing lab, and foley room, which are all designed to achieve a high degree of acoustical performance for specialized course work.

Live Oak Hall


For events held in the Performing Arts Center, parking is located in the Edward Gary Street Garage at the corner of University Drive and Edward Gary Street.

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